Boosting Transnational Investment: Residae Barcelona and the Alliance with Israel

August 28, 2023
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In December 2022, an exciting chapter was written in the history of international investment. In collaboration with the ACCIO Israel office, Residae Barcelona led a series of professional visits in the vibrant city of Tel Aviv. The goal: to forge strategic alliances with local players in the real estate and Relocation sectors. This initiative marks a bold step to facilitate Israeli citizens’ acquisition of assets in Spain with the security and support that only Residae can offer.

A Network of Collaboration for Secure Investment

The Spanish real estate market has always been attractive to international investors, and Israeli citizens are no exception. However, for many, venturing into foreign markets can seem complex and risky. This is where Residae Barcelona comes into play, with its unwavering commitment to simplifying and securing the cross-border real estate investment process.

A December of Alliances in Tel Aviv

The collaboration between Residae Barcelona and the ACCIO Israel office bore fruit in the form of a series of professional visits in Tel Aviv. During these visits, Residae representatives sat down with various key players in the Israeli real estate and Relocation sectors. The objective was clear: to establish agreements that would provide Israeli citizens access to properties in Spain and comprehensive professional guidance.

Satisfied Clients, Successful Stories

The impact of these alliances is already palpable. After the meetings in Tel Aviv, Residae Barcelona has been working hand in hand with diverse Israeli clients, addressing their investment needs in Spain. Whether for home acquisitions, commercial properties, or any other type of real estate investment, Residae has demonstrated its ability to confidently and successfully guide clients through a often complex process.

A Beacon for Future Investments

The path paved by Residae Barcelona and its alliances in Israel is expected to inspire more Israeli citizens to consider the opportunities that Spain has to offer. As current clients share their positive experiences and successes accumulate, more potential investors are expected to rely on Residae’s services for their projects in Spain.


The collaboration between Residae Barcelona and the ACCIO Israel office has triggered a new era of transnational investment. The tangible results of the alliances established in Tel Aviv demonstrate the effectiveness of this strategy in providing security and success to Israeli citizens seeking to invest in Spain. As these success stories spread, Residae Barcelona is expected to become the reference point for all those who wish to realize their investment projects on Spanish soil. The future of international investment looks brighter than ever, with Residae leading the way towards security and global financial growth.

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