Madrid Launches Virtual Window to Attract Foreign Investments

May 24, 2024
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Madrid Abre la Ventanilla Virtual para Atraer Inversiones Extranjeras - Residae Barcelona

The Madrid City Council, through the Department of Economy, Innovation, and Finance, has taken a significant step towards attracting foreign investments with the launch of the Virtual Window for International Investment. This online platform, located within the municipal office Madrid Investment Attraction (MIA), aims to facilitate the process of establishing international businesses in Madrid.

Madrid, already the third European city in terms of investment, seeks to strengthen its position as a magnet for foreign capital. The Virtual Window emerges as a tool to bolster the internationalization of Madrid’s economy by offering user-centered, agile public services.

Facilitating Investment with the Virtual Window

Targeted at investors from around the world, this platform provides clear and concise information in both Spanish and English about the administrative procedures necessary to set up a business in Madrid. From company formation to visa acquisition, the Virtual Window guides investors through all the essential steps to start operations in the Spanish capital.

In its initial phase, the Virtual Window will primarily serve as an information point but is designed to progressively expand the available services and become a transactional processing platform. This will accelerate investment processes, reduce information access costs, and simplify bureaucratic burdens for investors.

Comprehensive Support for Investors

Beyond offering information on administrative procedures, the Virtual Window connects with the services and programs offered by Madrid Investment Attraction (MIA) to potential investors. It also provides contact information for the MIA team and other key collaborators in the investment process.

Madrid Investment Attraction (MIA)

Madrid Investment Attraction (MIA) is the office responsible for facilitating the attraction of foreign investment and talent to Madrid. With offices in central Madrid and permanent agents in London, Miami, and Mexico, MIA serves investors and local companies interested in establishing and growing their businesses in Madrid.

Expert Real Estate Investment Management

In this context, Residae Barcelona stands out as an expert in managing real estate investments, not only in Madrid but throughout Spain. With extensive experience and knowledge of the Spanish real estate market, Residae Barcelona offers personalized advice and expert support to investors looking to capitalize on opportunities in Madrid and other Spanish cities. With Residae Barcelona, investors can trust in finding the best opportunities for their investments in Spain’s dynamic and prosperous real estate market.


The launch of Madrid’s Virtual Window for International Investment represents a significant advancement in attracting foreign investments. By providing streamlined, accessible information and connecting investors with essential services, Madrid is well-positioned to enhance its appeal to global investors. Residae Barcelona, with its expertise in the real estate market, is ready to assist investors in navigating and thriving within this promising investment landscape.

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