Moving to the Costa Brava: Cities Beyond Barcelona

May 24, 2024
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Discover the charms of the Costa Brava, a coastal paradise offering a unique lifestyle between mountains and sea. Catalonia is not only home to the bustling city of Barcelona but also a series of hidden gems along its spectacular coastline. In this article, we will show you why moving to the Costa Brava could be the best decision you make and highlight the top cities to live in this picturesque region.

Advantages of Living on the Costa Brava

The Costa Brava is distinguished by its stunning sea views, stretching over a 214 km coastal area. Its charming fishing villages and renowned beaches make it a coveted destination for both locals and tourists. Moving to this region allows you to enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea year-round, with direct access to dreamlike beaches and breathtaking coastal landscapes.

Beyond its impressive marine landscapes, the Costa Brava offers an abundance of protected natural spaces. From the Cap de Creus Natural Park to the Empordà Marshes, this region boasts unparalleled natural wealth. Its mountains, islands, and botanical gardens provide a haven for biodiversity and offer numerous opportunities for outdoor activities.

Top-tier leisure is another advantage of living on the Costa Brava. Marinas, water sports, pristine beaches, gourmet restaurants, and cultural festivals are just some of the entertainment options available in this region. Whether relaxing on the beach or exploring the local nightlife, there’s always something exciting to do on the Costa Brava.

The rich historical heritage of the Costa Brava adds another layer of depth to its appeal. From ancient churches to archaeological sites, each town in the region has its own fascinating history. Iconic places like the Iberian city of Ullastret or the Greek and Roman site of Empúries offer a window into Catalonia’s past and cultural legacy.

The excellent transportation network of the Costa Brava makes it an ideal place to live year-round. With connections to Barcelona, Girona, and other coastal cities, as well as access to airports and marinas, this region offers unparalleled connectivity. Whether by car, bus, or train, getting around the Costa Brava is quick and convenient, making it easy to explore its numerous treasures.

Best Cities to Live in on the Costa Brava


Blanes marks the beginning of the Costa Brava and offers a tranquil atmosphere, less touristy than other nearby towns. With a wide variety of housing options, from luxury villas to cozy apartments, this picturesque town is perfect for those seeking a relaxed seaside lifestyle. With stunning beaches, botanical gardens, and cultural events like the international fireworks competition, Blanes has much to offer its residents.

Castell-Platja D’Aro

With more than two kilometers of beach and a vibrant nightlife, Castell-Platja D’Aro is one of the most popular destinations on the Costa Brava. Although its housing tends to be more expensive due to high tourist demand, this lively town offers an unparalleled coastal living experience. With its rich history, beautiful beaches, and a wide range of services, Castell-Platja D’Aro is ideal for those seeking a balance between leisure and tranquility.


Further inland, Figueres offers more affordable housing prices and a wide range of services and cultural attractions. Known for being home to the famous Dalí Theatre-Museum, this charming city offers a unique mix of art, history, and architecture. With excellent transportation connections and a welcoming community, Figueres is an attractive option for those who prefer inland living without giving up the charm of the Costa Brava.

Sant Feliu de Guíxols

With its picturesque harbor and stunning beaches, Sant Feliu de Guíxols is a popular destination among sea lovers. With affordable average housing prices and a wide range of services and activities, this charming town offers an exceptional quality of life. From its impressive historical heritage to its vibrant festivals and traditions, Sant Feliu de Guíxols has something for everyone.

Residae Barcelona: Your Partner in Finding Properties on the Costa Brava

If you are considering moving to the Costa Brava, Residae Barcelona can help you find your dream home in this enchanting coastal region. With deep knowledge of the real estate market and a client-centered approach, Residae Barcelona is committed to making your home-buying experience as easy and satisfying as possible. Contact us today to start your journey towards a luxurious life on the Costa Brava.

Discover all that the Costa Brava has to offer and make this picturesque region your home. With its stunning landscapes, rich history, and relaxed lifestyle, the Costa Brava is the perfect place for those seeking a coastal escape without sacrificing the comforts of modern life. Welcome to your new home on the Costa Brava!

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