Opening Doors to Investment: Xavier López and Residae in Lima, Peru

July 31, 2023
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In October 2022, Xavier López, as the CEO of Residae Barcelona, embarked on an exciting prospecting journey to Lima, Peru, with the invaluable support of the ACCIO office of the Generalitat de Cataluña in Peru. The purpose of this trip was to establish partnerships with companies in the real estate, financial, family office, and investment sectors in Lima who are interested in collaborating with Residae to facilitate Peruvian clients in acquiring real estate assets in Barcelona and its surrounding areas. The initiative aims to provide Peruvian investors with safe and reliable options for real estate purchases in the European market, and Residae’s local presence provides the necessary reassurance to materialize their investments.


The Peruvian Market and its Interest in Investing in Barcelona 

The Peruvian market has shown growing interest in investing in properties in Barcelona and its surroundings. The city’s attractive combination of culture, architecture, and business opportunities has positioned it as a desirable destination for real estate investment. However, for Peruvian investors, embarking on a real estate transaction in a foreign country may raise concerns and questions about procedures, security, and available options. This is where Residae comes into play to provide the necessary support.


Residae: The Confidence of Having Local Assistance 

Residae has been recognized for its customer commitment and its extensive experience of over 10 years in the European real estate market. The platform has gained the trust of international investors worldwide by offering safe and effective solutions for purchasing properties in Europe. Now, with the partnership in Lima, Residae aims to extend its support to Peruvian investors who want to invest in the Barcelona real estate market.


The Prospecting Trip in Lima 

Xavier López’s prospecting trip to Lima turned out to be a resounding success. During his stay in the city, a series of meetings and presentations were held with representatives from companies in the real estate, financial, legal, family office, and investment sectors interested in collaborating with Residae. These meetings allowed Xavier López to introduce the platform and its benefits to potential local partners, explaining how Residae can simplify and guarantee successful transactions for Peruvian investors.


The Future of Investments in Barcelona 

With the partnership underway, Residae has become the perfect link between the Peruvian market and the European real estate market, specifically in Barcelona and its surroundings. Collaboration with local companies will enable Peruvian investors to access a wide range of investment opportunities, while Residae’s experience and support will ensure security and efficiency at every step of the process.



The project between Residae Barcelona and the ACCIO office in Lima has paved the way for Peruvian investors to find secure formulas for investing in real estate assets in Barcelona. The European market, with its cultural diversity and economic potential, is now open to Peruvian investors with the support of Residae, providing confidence and security in their investment decisions. Residae continues to lead the way towards the internationalization of the real estate market, and Peruvian citizens now have a unique opportunity to make their investment projects in the beautiful city of Barcelona a reality.



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