The Economic Impact of the 2024 Copa América in Barcelona: A Revealing Study

February 27, 2024
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El Impacto Económico de la Copa América'2024 en Barcelona Un Estudio Revelador - Residae Barcelona

The Barcelona Nautical Capital Foundation has commissioned Pompeu Fabra University to conduct a preliminary study to assess the anticipated economic impact of the 37th Copa América Barcelona 2024. This event promises to be not only a major sporting spectacle but also a significant driver of the local and regional economy.

Barcelona and the Copa América

The Copa América is recognized as one of the world’s most prestigious nautical events and is a unique opportunity for host cities. The ex-ante report commissioned by the Barcelona Nautical Capital Foundation estimates that the event will have a considerable economic impact on the city and its surroundings.

Economic Projection

According to estimates, the hosting of the Copa América in Barcelona is expected to generate an economic impact equivalent to 0.5% of Catalonia’s GDP in 2022. This value, amounting to approximately 1.239 billion euros, illustrates the magnitude of the event and its influence on the regional economy.

Study Details

The report prepared by Pompeu Fabra University breaks down the expenses associated with the Copa América. It is projected that expenditures related to organization, investments, participating teams, and scheduled visits will total 1.115 billion euros. Additionally, it is anticipated that these expenses will drive economic activity in the region and create nearly 19,000 jobs.

Legacy and Opportunities

One of the highlights of the event is its long-term legacy. The Copa América will not only leave an economic footprint but also promote sustainability, sports, culture, and citizen participation. Barcelona’s selection as the venue demonstrates the city’s commitment to sustainable development and the promotion of nautical tourism.

Role of Barcelona Nautical Capital Foundation

The Barcelona Nautical Capital Foundation has played a crucial role in the promotion and organization of the event. Its focus on public-private collaboration has been instrumental in ensuring the success and viability of the Copa América in Barcelona. Furthermore, its commitment to sustainability and community development ensures that the event has a positive and lasting impact.


In summary, the 2024 Copa América promises to be a significant milestone in Barcelona’s history and an opportunity to showcase its international potential. With an estimated economic impact of over a billion euros and a legacy that transcends sports, the event represents a unique opportunity for the economic and social development of the region. With the support of organizations like the Barcelona Nautical Capital Foundation, Barcelona is ready to welcome participants and visitors from around the world and showcase everything the city has to offer.

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