The multinational TDCX chooses Barcelona to spearhead its expansion throughout Europe

TDCX - Residae Barcelona
January 31, 2024
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A team of young Swedes and Norwegians explores the operation of small robots placed on desks in a large office. Conversations in multiple languages filter in from nearby tables. In a distinctly international atmosphere, other young people work from computers providing services to clients throughout Europe. It could be a company anywhere on the continent, but the silhouette outlined by the buildings of the Vila Olímpica against the Mediterranean sky provides clues through the wide windows: it’s Barcelona. Born in Singapore in 1995, the multinational Transformative Digital Customer Experience (TDCX) began its business in Europe, making the city its epicenter in 2019.

Back then, it started without offices and with only one employee: Sophie Chelmick. After relocating from the UK to Barcelona to drive this project, Chelmick built the company’s headquarters in Barcelona “brick by brick.” Five years later, the company has 300 employees in the city, serving clients at the European level from Vila Olímpica, where TDCX has offices covering 2,600 square meters.

From this space, the multinational provides assistance services to other companies, ranging from pre-sales to customer service, content moderation, and team training. This includes the young people gathered around the small robots who have moved to Barcelona from Sweden and Norway to train in the operation and eventual repair of these machines, designed with a very specific purpose: dispensing medication automatically to dependent individuals.

The multinational has 94 clients globally, with 11 in Europe, and generated $494 million in revenue in 2022.

“We offer services throughout the customer support journey. With some companies, we handle the entire journey; with others, we handle part of it,” explained Chelmick from the offices, conceived as a dynamic and multifunctional space. The format of the space reflects the company’s character, which in 2022 generated $494 million in revenue, a 19% increase from the previous year.

In the first half of 2023, TDCX has seen an 85% year-over-year increase in revenue recorded in Europe through the comprehensive customer support it provides. “If one thinks of the typical call center when talking about customer service, that is exactly what we are not,” claims the now Executive Vice President of TDCX in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

In fact, each employee of the multinational specializes in a specific client, as they perform very specific tasks. “Artificial Intelligence has helped in this regard: AI can handle the basics, and we can provide the most complex services.” The multinational provides these services primarily to technology-related companies in various sectors, such as gaming, tourism, digital advertising, and e-commerce, with the health sector recently joining with projects like these medication-dispensing robots. In Europe, the company has 11 clients, mostly in the digital and new economy sectors. In fact, 90% of European revenue comes from this sector. Globally, TDCX provides services to 94 clients, including Meta and Airbnb.


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