November 2, 2020
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Barcelona is a city in which all the buildings of the city have commercial premises in which activities of all kinds are carried out. Això fa que trobem tot tipus de locals comercials tant de lloguer com de venda amb tot tipus d’activitats. In general, the activities that are offered in these commercial premises have constant activity during all years and are not seasonal.

He mentioned, in part, those places that are located in purely tourist locations (Ciutat Vella, Vila Olímpica or Eixample) in which the best exploitation is during vacation periods. However, Barcelona is a city that represents tourism during all years, but the seasonality is less than in only summer destinations. By 2019 Barcelona will bring back gairebé 12 million visitors

Currently, due to the global pandemic that is affecting everyone, the arrival of tourism to our city has drastically decreased, but we are sure that when all has passed, tourism will come again since we have a city that has a great balance between quality of life and preu.

Is the best location tourist or oriented to local demand? Madrid? Other cities?

The most important element when it comes to finding a commercial premises in our city is its good commercial location in which there is sufficient traffic of people because the activity that takes place in this place continues to be attractive. Therefore, the factor for your choice has to be more than if it is in a purely tourist area.

The level of profitability and diversity of types of commercial premises and activities that can be found in Barcelona can only be found in Madrid. However, the market in the capital is much more unstable and can reach higher returns but, now, both potential falls are much higher. It is a more risky and volatile market. The rest of Spain considers that it is not interesting for a pure investor.

Which types of businesses are more stable?

Historically, the most stable activities in the city have been the banks and food stores in several different types, together with the large fashion retail chains. However, currently, the neighborhood retail trade (food, fringes, fresh products) together with the service shops (beauticians and hairdressers, delivery, oci, etc.) maintain the six activities in performance and seem to be healthy Activities to ensure the profitability of the premises they occupy.

Which activities have been affected by the restrictions of the Covid19?

It is clear that the entire catering sector (cafès, bars and restaurants of all types) has been directly affected by the occupancy restrictions and tancaments decreed by the Government. Both the mateix Government and the mateixa ciutadania will need to recover this sector so important for the country’s economy, all of which is prioritizing general health in advance of the economy. We are totally sure that when we recover from the pandemic this will return to being a safe sector for the purchase of acts from these businesses.

Basic conditions and principles of the rental contracts.

Period of duration of the lease contracts

The period of duration of the lease contracts is one that has to be agreed between the two parties and, generally, the tenant will ensure long-term periods (eg 10 years) to ensure the amortization of the six installation investments in the premises and the consolidation of his commercial funds. From the investor lessor’s point of view, it is also interesting to have long contracts that allow stability in profitability as long as it is provided for formulas of rent review every year adequate to the IPC and every certs any (every 5 or 10 years).

Early termination rights of the contract

The Spanish law protects the tenant and allows them to terminate the lease with prior notice that can range from 1 to 3 months. The landlord / owner must respect in all cases the duration established in the contract and only by requesting the early resolution of this for non-compliance, by the tenant, of the six contractual obligations, basically the payment of the monthly rents .
Both parties may agree to a period of obligat compliance in which, if the lessee terminates the contract for any reason, they will be obligated to pay the rents and associated expenses pending ends at the end of the period of obligat compliment. This mandatory period may be 1 or 2 years since the tenant, in general, will not assume more temps.

Drets de l’inquilí to the obligatory payment of the rent.

According to the Spanish Urban Leasing Law, the renter has to pay the rent between the days 1st and 7th of each month for the person who donates the right to use the leased premises. In case of non-payment of the rent and of the expenses associated with it, the landlord may request the judicial compliance of these payments and, finally and tot, the destitution and return of the leased premises.

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